A fresh approach to car body repairs



Specialist Services

Have you hit a pothole?

Hitting a pothole can misalign your wheels resulting in

Rapid tyre wear

Increased fuel consumption

Unsafe road handling

Having a four wheel alignment carried out will ensure your car’s road handling and efficiency is optimised. See our Techie page for more advice.


Headlight Beam Alignment

Correct headlight alignment is one of the most important safety features of your car.

Having the headlights set too high can dazzle oncoming traffic, too low and your own visibility is impaired.

We can adjust the alignment of your headlights keeping you and other motorists safe on the road.

See our Techie page for more advice.



Air Conditioning Services

On average, an air conditioning system will lose 10% refrigerant a year! So no, you weren't wrong in thinking that it use to work way better back in the day. Getting your air conditioning rechargedwill give your air con a new set of legs, ensuring maximum cooling and fuel efficiency.

See our Techie page for more advice.


Aluminium repairs

More and more vehicle manufacturer’s are using aluminium and specialised aluminium alloys for weight saving, fuel efficiencies, stability and safety.  These require expertise in repair methods and equipment as inadequate repairs can lead to major safety issues.

Ace Autobody have all the state of the art facilities and equipment and our technicians are trained by motor manufacturers to carry out these repairs.

See our Techie page for more advice.






Have your boat repainted and polished ensuring you can cut through those waves as fast as possible!

We can also carry out repairs to damaged fibreglass crafts.






Have your pride and joy brought back to life! We can carry out full refurbishment to vintage tractors.

We can also repair and paint modern tractors ensuring your expensive machinery is kept in the best possible condition.